Module 3: Molecular collections

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LOCATIONMeeting Room of the National Museum of Natural Sciences, CSIC, Madrid (Spain)

DURATION AND DATE: Lunch-to-lunch meeting, 24-25 July 2012

FULL TITLE: Molecular collections management and linkage between biological specimen repositories and molecular sequence databases.

TRAINERS: Rob Huxley (NHM-London, UK), Jacqueline Mackenzie-Dodds (NHM-London, UK), Birgit Gemeinholzer (DNA Bank Network, University of Giessen, Germany), Gabriele Droege (DNA Bank Network, BGBM, Germany), Isabel Rey Fraile (MNCN-CSIC, ES),  Beatriz Alvarez Dorda (MNCN-CSIC, ES).


For the map of town, scheme of underground and location of the meeting room please see files in the attachment.

Meeting place:

Museo Nacional de Ciencias Naturales
José Gutiérrez Abascal, 2
28006 Madrid


Natural History Institutions around Europe are world centers of scientific excellence in taxonomy and biodiversity with hundreds of millions of specimens in their reference collections. Every year this figure increases by tens of thousands and most of that increases is linked to molecular research. In many cases this research can produce focused collections which tend to be in dispersed locations around the institutions, hence being mostly inaccessible, because they are only known by the researchers or research teams participating in their collecting. But once the research projects finalises the value of the samples both from an economical and biodiversity point of view is maintained, so it is still necessary to properly curate them. The correct preservation of material derived from biological specimens and their associated data are essential to ensure compatibility, reproducibility, and knowledge extension in all areas of biological research. This way, molecular collections can provide long-term storage and access of well documented DNA samples and voucher specimens. They also link DNA samples to their vouchers (specimen and information) and to inferred molecular data stored in public sequence databases facilitating taxonomic verification of molecular analysed organisms. The types of specimens that can normally be found in molecular collections are:

• Dried or lyophilised tissues or small specimens

• Tissues preserved in spirit (alcohol or buffers for molecular use)

• Frozen tissues (freezers and liquid nitrogen)

DNA in buffers, water or lyophilised (frozen or room temperature)

This training course is aimed at any person who wants to begin organizing a collection of tissues and DNA to curate the products of molecular research preserved at national history institutions, as well as for persons who already have began a collection but would like to obtain additional information on management standards and protocols.

Link to the presentations (Only viewable for approved users. If you wish to have access to these presentations you should register on the web-site)




Day 1 (24/07/2012)



Registration and Lunch






Politics and ethics in DNA and Tissue collections



Management and Use: Standard Preservation Methods and long-term conservation (incl. Acquisition)









Management and Use: Current and future uses of molecular collections









Day 2 (25/07/2012)



Arrival and coffee



Maintenance and Security Systems



Legislation and Management and Transportation Security



Management and Use: Loans







Visit to the Tissue and DNA collection storeroom and facilities




For more information, please contact: larissa.smirnova [at]




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